Big Foot Deluxe Multi Fuel Cookstove

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Cook With Wood or Charcoal on Our Best Selling Cookstove

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Ultimate Cooking Flexibility

The Big Foot Deluxe Cookstove can burn either wood or charcoal, and is our most popular model. This stove is an excellent option for cooks wanting multiple fuel-use capabilities. The innovative two door design allows for both high-power cooking (boiling and frying) and lower temperature simmering (for that pot of your famous chili).

Simple & Fuel Efficient

The Big Foot Cookstove is sturdy, reliable and simple to use. It’s amazing how much you can cook with just a small amount of sticks or charcoal, and the stove produces hardly any smoke. No more choking around the campfire! At 15 lbs., it’s still easily portable, but very stable for table top cooking. Just be sure to use a heat-proof tile or surface underneath.


This Rocket-type cookstove has a rugged kiln-fired refractory ceramic combustion chamber with an internal chimney. Smoke and gases are forced to mix with the flame decreasing harmful emissions and smoke. We added a long lasting metal alloy liner to the inside of the combustion chamber. This increases the life of the stove and makes it easier to clean up. Both the main combustion chamber door and the lower damper door have reinforced metal frames with easy swing hinges to help regulate optimum airflow.

We like the Big Foot Deluxe because:
  • You can cook with either wood or charcoal
  • Opening and closing the lower damper door regulates the air and cleans up emissions
  • Closing the main door traps the heat made while cooking at high power and makes simmering easier
  • It’s fun to play with fire!

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Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 15 in

5 reviews for Big Foot Deluxe Multi Fuel Cookstove

  1. Tony

    Good stove. It is kind of heavy but it works really good and it looks good.

  2. Olene Lurye

    Very good site,thank so much for your effort in writing the posts.

  3. Ron

    I’ve had my stovetec stove and pot for years. I use it and pot more than average ( a lot!). It’s rugged and well built. One of the best purchases you can make. Preppers and hunters alike should add one immediately. Boils water fast in the double wall pot.

  4. Stephen C.

    I few years ago, I bought two of the “Big Foot Deluxe Multi Fuel Cookstoves” and have absolutely loved them and have been meaning to leave a review for a while now. I am a degreed mechanical engineer and have done a lot of in-depth research [yes, a little OCD : ) ] on ‘Rocket Stoves’, and I own several different types of ‘Rocket Stoves’. The ones I have bought from Stove Tec are the best ones I own based on performance and quality. You can’t put it in your backpack for ultralight backpacking, but for car camping, emergency preparedness, etc., they are perfect. Whenever my friends and relatives have seen these stoves in use, they were always impressed and asked plenty of questions. I have recently seen other ‘Rocket Stoves’ online made by other companies, but they seem to have shorter burn chambers which can often cause multiple performance issues (smoke, decreased fuel efficiency, lower heat output, etc.)

  5. Keith Cartwright

    I have had two of the deluxe models for years. One for the cabin and one for home. Absolutely the best and most efficient rocket stove on the market in my opinion. I also have the Super Pot and it is a must have for heating water or making soups or stews.
    Very highly recommended.

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