Big Foot Deluxe Cookstove and Super Pot Combo

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Cookstove + Super Pot = Quicker Cooking + Less Fuel!

The Big Foot Deluxe Cookstove can burn either sticks of wood or charcoal and is our most popular model. This stove is an excellent option for cooks wanting multiple fuel-use capabilities. The Big Foot Deluxe is extremely popular among emergency preparedness enthusiasts and campers alike. Features include a rugged kiln-fired refractory ceramic combustion chamber with an internal chimney. Smoke and gases are forced to mix with the flame decreasing harmful emissions and smoke. We added a long lasting metal alloy liner to the inside of the combustion chamber. This increases the life of the stove and makes it easier to clean up. Both the main combustion chamber door and the lower damper door have reinforced metal frames with easy swing hinges to help regulate optimum airflow.

We like the Big Foot Deluxe because:
  • You can cook with either wood or charcoal
  • Opening and closing the lower damper door regulates the air and cleans up emissions
  • Closing the main door traps the heat made while cooking at high power and makes simmering easier
  • It’s fun to play with fire!

The StoveTec Super Pot is designed to fit perfectly on top of StoveTec stoves. This 6- liter, stainless steel double walled cook pot boils water faster while using 33% less fuel compared to a normal pot. The Super Pot stays shiny on the outside because the soot stays inside the double wall and the kitchen stays clean! The heat is forced to flow close to the sides of the SuperPot instead of only touching the pot’s bottom. Adding a Super Pot to a StoveTec stove results in optimized heat transfer and combustion efficiency.

The Super Pot is made from high quality stainless steel and has tough high temperate handles. Enjoy faster and easier cooking whether you are cooking on a StoveTec stove, an open fire, or other types of wood stoves.

*This purchase includes one Big Foot Deluxe Cookstove and one StoveTec Super Pot*

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5 reviews for Big Foot Deluxe Cookstove and Super Pot Combo

  1. Kassie

    Good job mainkg it appear easy.

  2. Shawn Lutz (verified owner)

    Awesome Customer Service!!! Ordered a 2 door stove and was sent a single door stove by mistake. One email later I have a 2 door stove in the mail and was allowed to keep the one door stove for my trouble! Great company great customer service. Stove appears to be very well made, have yet to fire it up.

  3. Astrid

    These are GREAT, we’ve had one for years and it IS super easy. You just put some paper down the chimney, some thin sticks on top, light the paper from the bottom, and FIRE. Wait for that to burn down some, then start putting sticks in horizontally to keep it going. It cooks food well with a focused flame. The only hard thing about it is that you have to attend to it often, you’re burning a hot fire with sticks so you have to be around to push the sticks in further and add more. We also love the water heater kettle, it works so fast! USA made too 🙂


    In the spirit of doing things yourself and building from trash, I put together my own Super Pot for my rocket stoves.

  5. John Wilkerson (verified owner)

    I bought the green one with the pot a couple of years ago and have enjoyed it ever since – a good piece of kit.

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