How To Books from Aprovecho Research Center

These how-to publications produced by Aprovecho Research Center and associated organizations can help you understand how to design and build fuel-efficient heating and cooking stoves of various kinds. Most designs are for biomass stoves, but solar and retained-heat cooking are addressed as well. The instructions in these manuals can help you construct your own energy-efficient heating and cooking stoves from relatively simple materials, and understand the design principles behind clean biomass consumption.

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Capturing Heat One, how-to book
This book describes how to build a Maria Telkes Solar Cooker, a Conical solar cooker, The Winiarski Rocket Stove, Hayboxes and The Rocket Bread Oven. Written by Dean Still and Jim Kness.
Design Principles for Wood Burning Cook Stoves
This book describes wood burning cook stove design principles, processes, combustion chamber options and an in-field water boiling test.
Capturing Heat Two: Part 1
This book describes how to build a wood fired pizza oven, stoves with chimneys (Justa Stove).