Diamond Peak Lite Cookstove and Super Pot Combo

$168.00 $149.00

Buy the Diamond Peak Cookstove plus Super Pot combo for super quick and fuel-efficient cooking.


Great StoveTec cookstove quality and performance! The Diamond Peak Lite Cookstove was designed to burn wood and other found fuels. This rocket stove is an excellent option for both campers and preppers.

Equipped with a ceramic fiber insulated stainless steel combustion chamber, the 3.9 inch rocket riser section enables smoke and gasses to mix with the flame, decreasing harmful emissions and reducing smoke. Other notable features include a thick rugged 6-stud cast-iron stove top, thick ceramic floor insulation, reinforced metal door frame for increased durability and stove life, and feed rack mounting brackets that keep the fuel feed rack stable.

The StoveTec Super Pot is a 6-liter, stainless steel double-walled cook pot designed specifically to fit the StoveTec rocket stoves. The unique double-walled design guides the flames under the pot and up the sides to maximize heating. You can boil water up to 50% faster than a regular pot, helping to cook quickly with less fuel. The double-wall acts as a windscreen greatly improving performance outdoors in a breeze. The exterior of the pot stays clean during use helping you cook without soot.

The Super Pot offers long lasting quality stainless steel construction, tough heat resistant high temperate plastic handles and faster cook times, making it a great addition to any StoveTec rocket stove. Whether you are cooking on a StoveTec stove, open fire, or other rocket stove, you will enjoy the faster cook time and rugged durability of the StoveTec Super Pot.

Buy the combo and save! We want you to have the best cooking experience so we offer the Diamond Peak cookstove and Super Pot combo at a reduced price and send both items at the same flat-rate shipping of $29 to the lower 48 United States. Please contact us for shipping quotes to Alaska, Hawaii, or global addresses. StoveTec reserves the right to ship products at the lowest possible rate.

For more information check out the Diamond Peak Lite and Super Pot pages!

Please Note: The refractory ceramic insulation can release dust inside the box during shipping. Just wipe any dust off the stove before the first use and enjoy your Diamond Peak Lite stove!

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