Cascadia Wood Burning Cookstove-Camp Stove-Emergency Stove

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The Cascadia Cookstove is a simple, durable and efficient stove for your camp, emergency kit or outdoor kitchen.


Great StoveTec cookstove quality and performance!

Cooking with wood is easy with the Cascadia Cookstove! It’s the perfect camp stove, or a great addition to your outdoor kitchen. It’s also a great emergency stove, a key component for your disaster preparedness kit.

The Cascadia Cookstove is designed to burn sticks, wood and other found fuels. You will find this sturdy, reliable stove very simple to use. You’ll be surprised at how much food you can cook with a small amount of wood, and how little smoke the stove produces. The 17 lb. weight of the stove makes it easily portable, but heavy enough to keep from sliding around during use.

This Rocket type stove is an excellent option for both campers and preppers who want to be able to cook every day with wood. The Cascadia is a high quality Rocket stove like hundreds of thousands of similar stoves loved by cooks worldwide.

Equipped with a refractory clay liner and stainless steel combustion chamber, the internal chimney section forces smoke and gases to mix with the flame, decreasing harmful emissions and smoke. Other notable features include a rugged 6-stud cast-iron stove top, thick refractory ceramic floor insulation, reinforced metal door frame for increased durability  and mounting brackets that keep the fuel grate stable.

Combine with the StoveTec Super Pot for extra quick meal preparation! Buy both together for extra savings: Cascadia Cookstove and Super Pot Combo



Refractory Clay Liner

No Burn

High temp no burn grips and steel handles


Stainless Steel Combustion Chamber

Fuel Feed

Fuel feed rack with stabilizing mounting brackets

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Weight 17 lbs


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