StoveTec vs. local Uga Stove

Results for Energy Efficiency

Results of a controlled cooking test series conducted in Uganda by Erika Tyler from Columbia University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, and presented at the 2009 Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Forum, showed a 38% fuel savings without using the pot skirt and a 95% preference over the local Uga stove.

Testing Conditions & Method

Tyler maintained conditions as much as possible while comparing the StoveTec rocket stove, the Ugastove manufactured in Kamapala Uganda, and the three-stove fire. Two sets of tests were completed with all three cooking options in 30 households. Fuel consumption, usability of the stoves and stove preferences were logged. The StoveTec Rocket Stove ranked 1st in preference by over 95% of the households. User acceptance is the most important factor in any stove program.

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