Projects & Partnerships in South Africa

Mission & Impact

StoveTech Partnerships

GTZ ProBEC, a division of GTZ, has partnered with StoveTec to distibute our stoves on a large-scale basis in Southern Africa. There are four main groups GTZ is working to provide with stoves. Gavin Nura GavinStovewithUser NuRa, a company established in 1999, is partially owned by another company called Nuon with the remaining shares being owned by employees. NuRa is placing 200 stoves into the South African market and is getting ready to complete a “blitz marketing campaign” into one of their towns. GavinShop Additionally, a number of smaller South African entrepreneurs are testing the local market with good results. Next steps may include BECCAP, funded by the German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, to put a plan together in which BECCAP will provide local entrepreneurs with about 50 stoves to sell. GTZ ProBEC placed approximately 500 stoves into SADC for additional market testing. According to Gavin with GTZ ProBEC, “The real good news is that the users really like the stoves. In fact the 20 households that received the stoves for the Ashden Awards are without exception still using the stoves over and above other technologies.