Marshall Islands Field Report

Michael Trevor from Enemanit in the Marshall Islands sent us a letter and a handful of photos of StoveTec Stoves in action

Introducing the StoveTec Rocket Stove to the Marshall Islands

The initial reaction of users to the StoveTec Rocket Stove has been very positive, even through the roof. The best appellation was “fabulous”, and others say “really good” or “it’s almost like a kerosene stove”. This stove really has the potential to help people. Even the Ministry of Health has taken an interest from a public health perspective. MI_TwoFires_2When the stove is used next to a “normal” open fire the differences are really illustrative. The entire pot of eggs and potatoes for a picnic salad was cooked on 2 or 3 flower stalks while the other fire was still being built. MI_TwoFires_3 The nearly smokeless fire is obvious. The steaming pot is really clear right next to the harsh acrid shell smoke. Pollution Junction!!! As for fuel, the difference in labor should be noted, Susan simply walked across the yard picking up three “utok” from coconut shells on the ground and lit them. Juli, the young man, had to pick up and haul in a partial bag of nuts. Then they were husked, cracked and the meat cut out. He spend the entire time Susan was cooking just getting his fire going. Sincerely yours Michael N Trevor Enemanit Marshall Islands