StoveTec’s Continued Support for the Aprovecho Research Center

Clean Alternative Cook Stoves

StoveTec Stoves burn cleaner, use less fuel, and are more economical than any other stove of their kind. StoveTec’s mission is to help the Global Alliance, their partners and Aprovecho, StoveTec’s direct affiliate to deliver clean and efficient cook stoves to the 3 billion people that currently cook over an open fire.

Reducing Harmful Emissions

Recent studies show that 4 million people, 85% of which are women and children, die every year from inhaling the smoke emitted by open fires or unimproved cook stoves. You can make a difference! We are a growing organization that is proud to have played a part in shipping over 70,000 stoves internationally over the past two years. But there are still billions of people in need! Your Purchase helps to replace dirty and polluting unimproved stoves and open fires with a StoveTec Stove that saves 40 to 50 percent of wood fuel and reduces 55 to 70 percent of dangerous emissions.

Support Our Efforts

Each gift results in helping to deliver a free stove to a family in one of our project countries in the developing world. While we encourage your generosity, contributions to StoveTec are not tax-deductible.